Paul Roukema

Work Experience

  1. FPGA Designer

    Fidus Systems, Waterloo, Ontario April 2015 – Present
    • High resolution video processing FPGA development including Camera Processing and video I/O interfaces
    • Testbench development, including BFM design, to meet code coverage targets
    • Various video interfaces, including DisplayPort, 12G SDI, LVDS, MIPI CSI/DSI and BT.656
    • Video processing algorithm implementation with Vivado HLS
    • Interfacing with software teams to define requirements and interfaces
  2. Staff Design Engineer

    Nuvation Research Corp., Waterloo, Ontario May 2013 – Mar. 2015
    • Responsible for FPGA design, implementation, verification and testing
    • Designed FPGA based high-speed data capture system with Serial RapidIO interface
    • Architected and implemented software for industrial control system with multiple Xilinx Microblaze CPUs
    • Designed high-speed, latency sensitive FPGA for semiconductor R&D application
    • Created self-checking and self-reporting testbench systems for both Verilog and VHDL
  3. Staff Design Engineer

    Nuvation Research Corp., Waterloo, Ontario and San Jose, California Aug. – Dec. 2011, Aug. – Dec. 2012
    • FPGA and system level bring-up of developmental hardware
    • Developed FPGA based processing and control system for 1080p CCD video camera
    • Designed alternative video retiming system to eliminate external frame-buffer memory
    • Schematic level design and bring-up for CCD image sensor board
    • Developed camera system software, including CCD timing control programming
  4. Design Engineer

    Avvasi Inc., Waterloo, Ontario Jan. – Apr. 2011
    • Performed power and signal integrity simulations for board featuring PCI Express and 10GbE
    • Developed and simulated Verilog logic for FPGAs and CPLDs
    • Performed detailed design for platform management hardware using mixed-signal FPGA
    • Schematic entry for complex, high-density board including PCI Express, DDR3 and 10GbE
  5. Embedded Designer

    Harris Corporation (Broadcast Communications Division), Toronto, Ontario Sept. – Dec. 2009, May – Aug. 2010
    • Designed and implemented resource allocation and control code for distributed DSP system
    • Created multiple systems using MicroBlaze processors in performance-sensitive situations
    • Developed Linux kernel driver allowing access to custom hardware


Work Term Reports

Techhnical Presentations