I graduated from the University of Waterloo in 2013 with a BASc in Computer Engineering. I currently work in the design services industry, building some very interesting and challenging systems for various clients in industries including aerospace, medical, and video.

My interests include embedded system design, FPGAs and the hardware/software interface. My primary focus these days is FPGA design. In addition to my work in these fields for my current and past employers, I enjoy exploring them through a variety of personal projects. For a listing of my positions and experience, please see my Portfolio or Resume pages.

Some of the projects shown on this site were completed for student teams at the University of Waterloo. In particular, I have been the Electrical lead for the Underwater Technology Team. The remainder of the items shown on theses pages were completed as part of a number of personal projects. The intention is to exhibit my skills as developed through my education, employment and personal projects. Unfortunately due to the nature of our work, I am unable to show examples of projects from my employers.